Monday, May 31, 2010

What Watch is The Best Investment Watch? The Panerai

While searching through antique shops and auctioneers' websites, we asked ourselves – which Special Edition watch has the best resale and investment value? We came up with a few names; Urwerk, Audemars Piquet, Victorinox – to name the top few. But one Italian-made brand name watch seems to usually make it to the top of the list or at least second – Panerai. Like for instance, we recently discovered a Panerai 1936 Special Edition Platinum 262 for about forty five thousand dollars. The other being the Panerai Ferrari Special Edition Perpetual Men's Calendar in Steel – for about seventeen thousand dollars. That's right – the second watch came in a steel case – not even gold!

Well, we're not about to pay that much – even for the finest investment watch available. So we went shopping for the finest Luminor facsimile watch available. We believe we found a small collection of just such watches. They are available in the eight hundred to six hundred dollar price range. Much less than the original auction grade watches discussed above. You could go “direct” to the replica Panerai PAM156 GMT Ultimate Edition. This watch has some very clean lines and styling with matching logos including “Regatta” and “Luminor GMT”. Everything is accurate about this replica – very important is the accuracy of the Cyclops date magnifier!

Another version of the above is available with a cobalt blue dial – whereas the above is in a black dial. All have the sport timer second sub-dial at the 9 o'clock position. A very nice detail on all of these is the snap-back case cover on the crown winder.

But what about a replica of that 1936 original Special Edition we were talking about? There is one available that we could find and it's available at a very reasonable price – about six hundred dollars or so. This replica might be even more accurate than the original with its Panerai and Radiomir Black Seal logos on the dial face! You could have fooled us!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

7th Birthday Invitation Layout

click image to enlarge

My niece turned 7 last May 2 and here's the 7th Birthday Invitation that I made for her. Since I'm a digi-scrapper, of course I made use of the elements and papers from digi kits. Isn't it cute? It's far different from the usual 7th birthday invitation that we see.

The size is 4x6 and we had it printed at the photo processing shop which I think is Php6.00 each. My SIL in turn made a separate paper that includes her 7 roses, 7 candles and 7 gifts.

Excited over my new Digi-Kit

I've been working on this kit and finally I finished it already after 3 days. I'm quite happy with the result of this digi-kit of mine because I will enter it at Artcow's contest once again. The color scheme is soft and soothing to the eyes and perfect for any photos to digiscap.

I've already uploaded the kit at my Artscow account and by Sunday it will be available for free there for 2 weeks. I'll be sharing it here for download as well so watch out for it. I named my kit Cherished Memories and I'm sure you'll love it. I even read some tutorials on how to make those scalloped frames that i've included in the kit.

Lately, designing makes me excited but I also need to work on some stuff and before I forget I need to check on this maxoderm for a friend. Shhhhh.

Comment on Discount Spa Covers

After working hard everyday I always want to take a warm shower and lather a sweet lotion on my body to relax. Nothing beats that. I also wanted to own a spa at the comforts of my home and for sure it’ll great experience. Now I know where to get discount spa covers and other stuff because of this review.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Birthday Bash Freebie from The Digi Chick

Here's just one of the many freebies that THE DIGICHICK is having right now. They are celebrating their 5 years anniversary and tehir designers are gicing away some digital scapbooking kit freebies for us to enjoy. You can click the image to download at the designer's blog (disaster piece studios).

While hoarding some freebies online, I also need to look into this term life insurance quotes that my SIL sent on my email. I also hope to scrap or design a kit later.

Father's Day Gift Idea from Artscow: Personalized Necktie

Father's Day is just around the corner and do you already have an idea on what to give to him.? Instead of giving him ordinary and boring mug for his coffee or maybe an extenze why not try to give him a personalized necktie that you can order at ARTSCOW .

Price is slashed and here's the only $9.99 for 2 neckties and that includes free international delivery already.
Expiration: June 20, 2010

Artscow 9”x7” 20-paged hardcover Photo books Coupon

I was busy with my alli reviews when I got this email from ARTSCOW. They are giving away 6 free credits for these 9”x7” 20-paged hardcover photo books for us to order. It's perfect for landsacpe photos and to preserve our precious photos. I've been ordering photobooks from Artscow and believe me the quality is good.

I have not tried this size yet because I always order the 8x8 and the 7x5 photobooks. Here's the code. Hurry up it before it expires.

EXPIRATION: June 3, 2010

Comment on Europe Tours

If money is not a problem I want to be in one of those europe tours and travel to France because it’s one of my dream destination. I’ve been to Australia several times already and Hongkong as well and I reckon France would be another great place to see the world. Been dreamin’ of it long time ago.

Comment on STD Testing

To those who are so much active in their sexual activities more often than not they will find themselves susceptible to many dreaded diseases that can put stigma in their life. Thanks to those who are promoting healthy sexual lifestyle and std testing so that people will be aware of them. We should not take for granted our health all the time.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'm back Digi Kit Designing!

Yay, after 3 years, i found myself designing kits again!!! It all started when I joined my old kits at ARTSCOW digi-kit contest last week. I added my SWEET Bianca kit there and hooray it's on top 3 already. The contest will end on Sunday already and I hope you add my kit to your ADD KITS gallery coz i'm offering it for FREE.

I've already finished one full kit again and I must say it's cute. I'll be offering it for free as well for limited time only so watch out for it. Who knows I might design a modern furniture as well in the future but that is next to impossible hehe.

Anway,you can vote for my kit here till Sunday.. thanks

Monday, May 24, 2010

Kids Recipes

Guess what? I’m back to cooking and I’m loving it. I dunno but just one day, I have this urge to hold on to our pots and pans and started cooking meals for my family again. Mom has been the cook most of the times and when I got busy with work schedule, I kinda neglect or was not that into cooking. Right now, I’ve been scouring recipes online and unearthing some family recipes that I’m hoping to cook in the house.

I guess one of the reasons why I went back to cooking is that I’m already bored with the same old recipe over and over again and I wanted something new. For mom with kids I know it’s also hard to think what to cook for them since they are always too picky when it comes to food. If you are also searching for Kids Recipes online then perhaps I can share you some.

Aside from new and delicious recipes that you can cook for your kids, it’s already proven that a good presentation will entice them to eat their food. Kids most of the times look at the food and when they see it as the same that they are having they tend not to eat it. When you make a good presentation, say for example cut the veggies into shapes, they will be delighted by it. Chances are they’ll eat more. I have seen this on my niece and nephew, who by the way are very picky eaters and often whine when they see something on the table all the time. I can’t blame them because we adults also got bored if we eat the same thing over and over.

We also have to make sure that we cook healthy as much as possible, some kids don’t like veggies but when you try to put them on meals that they can’t figure our if it’s a meat or a veggie then that is good. Happy cooking and of course happy digi-scrapping!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

FREE Digi Kit for limited time only at ARTSCOW

Hey, all just in case you didn't know I tried designing kits way back in 2007 for a digiscrapping store but I have to resign bec. I got so busy and designing is eating up my time. I have couple of kits that I have saved and it was just sitting in my files so I decided to offer this FREE for a limited time only at ARTSCOW, where you can have your photos, photoboooks etc. printed.

If you have an account at ARTSCOW, all you have to do is Add this kit SWEET BIANCA to your kits and you can use this for free. Click on the image to add this kit that I have designed to your kits gallery.

Click 2 Scrap Digital Kit for Scrapper and Photographer

I've been searching for a kit with laptop, desktop and camera elements for a while now and it was right in time when I saw this Click 2 Scrap Digital Kit by kaye Winiecki at the Lily Pad last weekend. It was on sale that time and I could not let it pass so I immediately bought it. It's not on sale right now so it's back on reg price of $6.00

I just so loooooooove the elements and actually I've used it already on a digi page that I'm working on right now. So for digiscrappers and photographers out there this is the perfect kit for you.

Medical Supplies

Having a 77yr old mom with high blood pressure, I’m always compelled to take her blood pressure almost everyday to check if it’s normal or not. Good thing is that we have one of those blood pressure monitors at home that I can use. Glad to know that there’s still a company like Southeastern Medical Supply that offers medical supplies at low price but with good quality as what I’ve read on your review.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Comment on SEO services

Owning a business these days requires more exposure offline and online to attract more customers and clients. An aggressive online marketing is very much needed and one of the strategies is SEO or search engine optimization. Not all web business owners know how to do it so SEO services like what is offering can greatly help and benefit their businesses.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tons of Digi-Freebies

For the last couple of days, I found myself hoarding lots of digi freebies from different stores and designers. Looks like they are very generous these days. I was able to download, mini kits, alphas, papers and some quick pages. I'm so glad that my external hard drive has still lots of space to accommodate my digi-scrapping stuff.

I've been buying kits as well since iNSD and hopefully I can use all the kits that I have and hope my mojo will never leave my side.

I Bought a Charity Digi-Kit and $1 sale kit

I was browsing and looking online for some outdoor d├ęcor when I saw at my mail about the $1 sale and the Huge Charity kit from Digiscrappers Brasil so I went over to their site and read more about it. I was touched by the story of sick Leonardo so I thought I have to buy the kit to help him and his family in my own little way.

All proceeds of the My WISH FOR YOU collab kit will go directly to the family of Leonardo. Here is the kit that I bought. It was actually a mega kit with tons of papers, elements and alphas from Digiscrappers Brasil designers.

It costs $10.99, you too can share and enjoy this kit. I also bought this Best of Friends by BCD Designs for only $1 during their Dollar Day yesterday. Now I can't wait to use these kits on my digi-scrapping!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

ScrapArtist Birthday Sale May 12-16, 2010! 35% off plus some fun giveaways

Scrap Artist is turning and they have ScrapArtist Birthday Sale! 35% off plus some fun giveways on May 12-16, 2010.

Busy with Digi-Scrapping

My mojo is flowing once again for last couple of weeks so I'm lucky to have scrapped a lot of pages for my 2 photobooks that I'm making. Sometimes I'm getting frustrated though when a layout that I wanted seems to be not flowing into place that's why there are times that I try to view some layouts on galleries to give me some inspirations.

Aside from digi-scrapping, I'm also busy with some online works and trying to regain back the exercise routine that I have been doing before so that getting new diet pills will not be on my mind just in case I plumped up.

Oh BTW, my digital photography photobooks came and I'll be sharing them soon here.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Cat Scrap Digital Scrapbooking Store CT Call

So if you feel that you could be the one, please send CAT SCRAP an e-mail to at gmail dot com with the following information:
- Your name

- Your username

- One page using at least 75% of CatScrap products!

- A link to your most updated gallery
- A list of your current creative teams
- And please tell us why you think you are the perfect fit for

CAT SCRAP CT requirements are: - Active participation in forums to promote CatScrap - Create a minimum of 4-5 pages per month - Post in 3 galleries (or more) - Update blog and Facebook posts - Host blog challenges - But most of all have fun!!
The call ends Friday, May 14, 2010

Staying Up Late Digi-Scrapping

Looks like my mojo is flowing once again lately that I scrap mostly each night and staying up late. Not to good for my skin and in no time I'll be needing the best wrinkle cream in the market to reduce the visible lines already.

Anyway, I'm enjoying my scrapping moments and actually I'm downloading freebies and will scrap later as well. I'm doing another photobook for myself and for my niece's b-day.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Little Dreamer Apprentice Freebies

Since I don't shopped too much last iNSD, I'm still in search for more freebies left and right for I know there will be nice freebies that will be available. I'm always waiting for Little Dreamer's Apprentice's Freebie kits and here are their new ones.

I'm also tempted to buy some kits that are still on sale and I will browse for more after searching for acne scars removal online. I wanted to buy but it seems that something is preventing me to buy kits. Oh well.. there are freebies anyway.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Our First Puppy Digi Kit

Yay.. the iNSD sale is over and hooray for me for I have controlled myself from buying lots of kits bec. I'm looking into maybe considering getting a health or term life insurance from my SIL who is an agent. I'm saving a little bit so, I only bought 1 .. yes ONLY 1 kit during iNSD

Here is what I bought, Our First Puppy Digi Kit because I'm going to my my dog a photobook soon and I don;t have any puppy elements so this is perfect. It is made by Emily Meritt from The Lily Pad. I got for it for $4.+ during the sale. Not bad. I can't wait to use it on my dog's photos.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

New Blog Header

Yer, finally I got my new blog header here.. I think it still needs some tweaking on the dropshadows though. I'll do it later.

Hope you all like it.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

iNSD (interNational Scrapbooking Day) Shopping

Wow it's iNSD week already and I have lots of digital scrapbooking kits on wish list especially at SSD sweet shoppe designs but I'm still deciding if I will get them. Right now instead of reading diet pills site, I decided to buy one digi kit at Lily Pad shop.

I wanted to shop but I still want to save and I still have lots of kits that I have not used in scrapping so I hope I'll have enough self control on digi shopping.

What about you, did you shop at iNSD week?