Monday, May 24, 2010

Kids Recipes

Guess what? I’m back to cooking and I’m loving it. I dunno but just one day, I have this urge to hold on to our pots and pans and started cooking meals for my family again. Mom has been the cook most of the times and when I got busy with work schedule, I kinda neglect or was not that into cooking. Right now, I’ve been scouring recipes online and unearthing some family recipes that I’m hoping to cook in the house.

I guess one of the reasons why I went back to cooking is that I’m already bored with the same old recipe over and over again and I wanted something new. For mom with kids I know it’s also hard to think what to cook for them since they are always too picky when it comes to food. If you are also searching for Kids Recipes online then perhaps I can share you some.

Aside from new and delicious recipes that you can cook for your kids, it’s already proven that a good presentation will entice them to eat their food. Kids most of the times look at the food and when they see it as the same that they are having they tend not to eat it. When you make a good presentation, say for example cut the veggies into shapes, they will be delighted by it. Chances are they’ll eat more. I have seen this on my niece and nephew, who by the way are very picky eaters and often whine when they see something on the table all the time. I can’t blame them because we adults also got bored if we eat the same thing over and over.

We also have to make sure that we cook healthy as much as possible, some kids don’t like veggies but when you try to put them on meals that they can’t figure our if it’s a meat or a veggie then that is good. Happy cooking and of course happy digi-scrapping!

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