Monday, May 31, 2010

What Watch is The Best Investment Watch? The Panerai

While searching through antique shops and auctioneers' websites, we asked ourselves – which Special Edition watch has the best resale and investment value? We came up with a few names; Urwerk, Audemars Piquet, Victorinox – to name the top few. But one Italian-made brand name watch seems to usually make it to the top of the list or at least second – Panerai. Like for instance, we recently discovered a Panerai 1936 Special Edition Platinum 262 for about forty five thousand dollars. The other being the Panerai Ferrari Special Edition Perpetual Men's Calendar in Steel – for about seventeen thousand dollars. That's right – the second watch came in a steel case – not even gold!

Well, we're not about to pay that much – even for the finest investment watch available. So we went shopping for the finest Luminor facsimile watch available. We believe we found a small collection of just such watches. They are available in the eight hundred to six hundred dollar price range. Much less than the original auction grade watches discussed above. You could go “direct” to the replica Panerai PAM156 GMT Ultimate Edition. This watch has some very clean lines and styling with matching logos including “Regatta” and “Luminor GMT”. Everything is accurate about this replica – very important is the accuracy of the Cyclops date magnifier!

Another version of the above is available with a cobalt blue dial – whereas the above is in a black dial. All have the sport timer second sub-dial at the 9 o'clock position. A very nice detail on all of these is the snap-back case cover on the crown winder.

But what about a replica of that 1936 original Special Edition we were talking about? There is one available that we could find and it's available at a very reasonable price – about six hundred dollars or so. This replica might be even more accurate than the original with its Panerai and Radiomir Black Seal logos on the dial face! You could have fooled us!

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