Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Designer Call

I was looking at my spam mails that I'm about to delete when I saw a mail from a digi-scrapping store owner. I was so elated when I read that she's asking me if I want to part of their store. I had to think for a while because it's another good opportunity for me to earn extra aside from earning from Artscow. It's also nice to showcase my digi-scrapping designs at different store with different customers.

With deep thinking and all, I decided to decline that offer and emailed the store owner telling her why and of course thanking her for noticing my goodies. I know it's not like jobs in healthcare, wherein I need to work everyday but as of now, life can be too busy. Aside from that, I also have some online works that I need to accomplish and I guess it's also not fair to be in a store where I can't commit and share with the community.

The store owner was so nice that she said if I wanted to have my goodies in their store anytime, I just need to contact her.

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