Wednesday, November 23, 2011

BBQ Times

It’s no secret that our family loves Sunday barbeques or even bbq on special occasions. My oldest brother is the one mixing the marinade sauce for our bbq while my other brother is the one who’ll manage the hot task of barbequing. It’s certainly a joy to us to have grilled pork spareribs while I always enjoy the hot and sweet taste of the chicken barbeque. Oh dear I was quick to eat with my bare hands during mealtimes hehe. Mom on the other hand, would always ask to have fish so a big tilapia fish stuffed with ginger and tomatoes will be made for her.

My sister who lives with her family in Australia also loves barbeque and I guess all Aussies do too. I remember my BIL would fire their weber outdoor grill and cook all the big slices of meat and even the big shrimps. I reckon a bbq grill is a must have for every family and you can always purchase different kinds of grill online like at DealsDirect. They certainly have wide range of outdoor rotisserie and grills.

Now, I’m picturing barbeque times this December for holidays are the best time to fire the grill and have some bonding time cooking and eating with the family.

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