Thursday, February 26, 2009

Young and Innocent

I have this photo taken last year on my mom's b-day (Oct. 18, 2008) and i told my niece Reign to pick some flowers for my mom to give her (hehe cuz it's free). We have a gumamela plant in front of our house and it was planted many years ago, i guess 6-8 yrs. ago and is abundantly flowering that time.

I am so thrilled that she is so game in posing for me cuz there are lots of times that she shy away or even would run away when she saw my holding my DSLR cam, lol. She is so cute at this photo, very innocent here and NO TANTRUMS lol. Her mom is also happy to see her photos and I told her she'll miss these moments when she is already old and already have bf and receiving one of those engagement rings yay!. She's been my model for my photoshoots and sometimes I need to bribe her just to pose for

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