Friday, October 30, 2009

My 6th ARTSCOW 39 pages 8 x 8 Photobook

This is my 6th ARTSCOW 39 pages 8 x 8 photobook that came last October 20th after over a month of ordering. I did understand the delay because we had a great flood here last month that for sure contributed to the delay. Anyway, I am so happy with the results once again.
My 6th Artscow Photobook
My 6th Artscow Photobook
back and front (i'm a lil' dissapointed bec. it was a bit off center, maybe my fault on my layout or their error but nevertheless it came out great.
My 6th Artscow Photobook
My 6th Artscow Photobook
Notice the stitch that holds the photobook thus making it more durable and you can lay it flat out without worrying that the pages will fall off.

I wa able to scrap the photos of our highschool batch '84 motorcade and alumni night in Photoshop CS3. I got a great deal bec. should have paid $31.38 (photobook $19.49+ 11.99 -shipping) BUT I only paid for the shipping $11.99 bec.of the FREE 39 pages coupon promo that I used. From time to time Artscow give discounts and promos to their customers.
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Oh btw, ARTSCOW not only prints photobook but photos, personalized bags, umbrellas, wallets, pillows and more, perfect gifts esp. now that Christmas is coming.

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