Monday, October 25, 2010

Pending Scrapping Projects

While browsing and sorting my photo files that I can scrap in the future, I found some photos of my nephew. It also reminds me the days of my vacation at their house in Sydney few years back. I had the chance to take care of him while he was a toddler and I saw how hard it is for him to have eczema. His skin was dry and often itchy, what makes me pity him is that he’s scratching it until it bleeds.

He has some ointment medication that was given by the doctor as an eczema treatment but most of the times he doesn’t want he mom to put it on her skin. Fortunately, now that he’s already 7, his eczema was gone already and I just hope it will not come back. I’m looking forward to get more of his pictures and if I have extra time, I can scrap their vacation photos here.

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