Monday, June 1, 2009

Proj. 365: Snack Time

PROJECT 365: Meryenda Time
One late afternoon, I was so busy that I nearly forgot to have my snack. It was also raining that day so I am just too lazy to go out and buy snack for myself. Not knowing what to eat, I just decided to get a cold Coke at the fridge and this chocolate cake that I got in the grocery last weekend.

Oh how I just wish I can go out with my friend at the mall to have a good snack. I am also craving for a blueberry cheesecake or that delicious Pad Thai noodles of the Thai resto that I once visited. Ahhh.. if only I can taste all the food and the dessert in the world but I also worry about my bills when they swipe it on the portable credit card machine when I am paying. Next time, I hope I can also eat the luscious mango cake from Red Ribbon and coffee from Starbucks.


Vanniedosa said...

i could eat a whole mango cake from red ribbon. as in that's one of my fave's

AiDiSan said...

i just tried gardenia chocolate muffins 2 nights ago and it taste good too, i promised my daughter i'll buy more for her baon

admin said...

wow Vannie that makes me crave for mango cake..

AiDisan I will try that choco muffins