Friday, December 12, 2008

My Canon Wireless Remote Control RC1

My co-twitters/digi-scrappers had a kris kringle or exchange gift and via online bunutan (raffle) we are given a "baby" and of course someone will pick my name.

And look what I got at the mail the other day. I am smiling from ear to ear when I saw this package in my desk that morning and I know it was from my "mommy", can't reveal who is she yet bec. not all of us have received our gifts already. She was suppose to get my 1st priority the Lens Hood but she sais it was out of stock but it's ok with me.

Thank you thank you Mommy! Love it and I will definitely use it esp. this Christmas when we will have group shots. I don't need to run in my place when I clicked timer on, this time I can click the remote anytime I want.

Canon Wireless Remote Control RC1 for my Rebel XTi
Accdg. to Amazon: The Canon RC-1 remote control makes taking group photos easy by allowing you to take pictures away from the camera. The RC-1 allows the selection of either a 2-second shutter delay or instant shutter release.
Compatible with the Canon EOS Elan II/Elan IIe, EOS Elan, EOS 10S, and EOS IX.

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Faye said...

pareho tayo ate Jen :) nagamit mo na? :) ako hindi pa hindi ako marunong mag set-up kasi naiwanan ko yung manual ng cam ko sa Pilipinas :(