Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bought 2 Retiring Kits at SPD

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I was so sad yesterday bec. my 50mm lens is not working, it's not auto or manual focusing anymore after I dropped my camera bag with the cam and lens in it.!!!!! What a bad day huh? Can't take that incident off my mind up to now. To make myself feel good after it, I bought 2 retiring kits from Shabby Pickle Designs and it's from Kasia Designs.

Love the colors and the elements in it so I decided to buy them., it's not that expensive though It's just worth $2.35 and $1.90 bec. it is on SALE. Can't wait to use them on my future layouts!! Now I need to find photos to scrap using these kits but before that I still need to read this diet pills review I saw online (nope it's not for me but for a friend) and later on I will try to scrap once again.

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