Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ikea Goddess Not Freebie Hunting Anymore

My fave digital scrapbookign Freebie hunter, IKea Goddess is no longer freebie hunting since late last year. How sad! It is where I find lots of juicy freebies from the digi-scrapping world. I passed by her blog once again today after looking for some cheap auto insurance for our vehicles, but she's really not into hunting anymore. Oh well just thought she changed her mind that's why I clicked her blog again.

I remember reading one of her post saying that she's no longer sharing freebies in her blog bec. she got tired doing it for many years already. Oh well I left a comment on that post and I sure miss her sharing freebies.

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Lina Staub said...

I know! I absolutely loved all the freebies IkeaGoddess would find and I would check her blg daily. She is still bookmarked in my desktop bar so I just went there today and no posts since 2009 :( so I googled what happened to her and found your comment! Glad to have someone to commisserate with!