Saturday, July 20, 2013

Creative Gift Ideas to Give

Sometimes gifts that we buy off the stores can become too common already. Finding gifts that will make every recipient happy and excited especially your loved ones can be a little hard but every so often we need to little creative when it comes to gift giving.

These days, personalized items are just some of the many ways that we can be creative. There are stores that offer customizations on various items but if your hand is great in making them on your own then that would be so excellent.

Scrapbook Page
Digital or traditional way of scrapbooking can be fun eventhough it may take time for one page to finish. Create a beautiful page and have it printed.

Ever since digital cameras came; almost every one of us took heaps of pictures almost every moment that we see. Putting them on your hard disc for no one to see for me is not rewarding. If you know how to use Photoshop, gather all your photos and make a collage, while there are also printing companies like where you can make photobook just by drag and drop of your photos in their premade templates.

~~This is a photobook that I made for my mom. I complied all the photos during her 78th birthday 2 years ago using my FREE to use template. Just drag and drop your photos in the template.

Customized Items

Various companies offer customization or personalization of bags, shirts, umbrellas and other items where photos, names or even logos printed on them.

Hand made Items / Cards

There are many craft stores where you can buy paper, ribbons and other materials, turn them into handmade cards and for sure your mom will love it along with a mom ring for Mother’s day or any occasion. Be imaginative and let your creative juices work on you!

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Nortehanon said...

Ang sweet naman, photobook for your mother.

I've always wanted to make a photobook since I've stopped by a kiosk of a company that makes photobooks. I should make it a reality na hehe.