Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I'm a Domestic Diva

Actually just here in Australia that I can call myself a domestic Diva bec. I am doing almost all the household chores. I do the carpet vacuuming once a week, I also mop the floor downstairs sometimes 2x a week depending on how dirty it is.

The laundry is just easy, i just put it inside the washing machine and voila when it is finished I will just hang it outside their backyard to dry. I am not using the dryer when there is sun outside. Cleaning the dishes is not that hard either since my sis also have a dishwasher, the unloading and putting in the cupboard takes time to do so. I just do my own ironing since Joy iron their clothes on a weekly basis, hahaha just imagine her mountain load of clothes to be ironed it is just overwhelming.

Funny thing is that I never do all these things back home bec. we have a laundry woman but i do my own ironing which I hate most of the times lol.

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