Saturday, April 5, 2008

2 Boxes are on the way

Sis and I finally finished filling the 2 boxes that we will be sending back home in Pinas. Sis got some old stuff too here that she doesn't need anymore but will be in use by my family in the Phils. so we put them in the box. There are also new toys, clothes and bottled spreads(peanut butter, hazelnut spread etc-) for everyone to enjoy.

Actually we packed them a bit late now and for sure it will take about 3 weeks of sea cargo shipping before it will arrive. I will be coming home soon in about 2 weeks time and I know my family back home wanted to see me now and of course all of my pasalubongs that my sis generously bought for them.

So for my family in Pinas watch out for me and the boxes hehe!!

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