Thursday, February 25, 2010

Artscow: FREE (8 ) 7” x 5” thirty-paged PhotoBook

Wow here's another freebie coupon code from ARTSCOW.. I remember availing of their 39 paged 7x5 photobook last year when I only paid for the shipping :).

I was talking to my sis over YM early this afternoon and we're discussing lots of things about the stuff that she is asking for, Mopar performance parts and lastly the photobook that I gave her last Christmas. She loved it and she's asking me if I can make another one for her daughter.

Right in time there's a coupon code given by Artscow to claim 8 free 7” x 5” thirty-paged photo books credits.

Expiration: March 3, 2010

1 comment:

Joanne Teh said...

I had followed your blog and download the digifreebie from your blog.
Just wanna say thanks, I like photography and card making too. But what i own is only a handphone, so I work very hard to earn online in order to get some money for myself to buy a good camera.(as you can see, my blog is mainly talking about ways to earn online,the photos i had took, was uploaded to redgage for earning too....see?)

I like your blog very much, will come and visit it always =)

Have a nice day!