Sunday, July 12, 2009

Proj. 365: Fire In Our Town

Oh my goodness.. I heard a loud siren from outside last Friday and when I looked out it was a firetruck coming. I knew right there that there's a fire somewhere. I stepped outside and look up in the air and here is what I saw, thick clouds of smoke. More firetrucks are coming from different towns to help and at this point we still have no clue what area is being affected.

I grabbed my camera and rushed to the second floor of my store and took these shots. We are glad that in about short span of time the firefighters were able to stop the fire. We just heard from the neighborhood that many houses have been burned and no one died fortunately. During these times we can't help but to be afraid since fire can really kill and destroy properties. We really can't predict what will happen or when disaster will attack so being prepared like owning a term life insurance or fire insurance policy will greatly help. We never know what the future holds so we need to ready.

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