Friday, January 3, 2014

Memory Keeping

The holiday is over. We have taken so much photos for memory keeping. Now it's the time to have them printed and saved in an album. Don't just let your photos just seating on your harddrive or memory card. They deserve to be printed!

I know it'll be hard or expensive to have all our photos printed but nothing beats the happiness that come with it when it is already printed on photo paper or even on photobooks.

I will try to make photobooks this year or I might have them printed one by one. You can also put your printed photos on a frame, hand them on the wall or put them on shelves. You can start making shelves or drawers where you can display your photos. Online stores are very handy, for more industrial needs for your home photo projects, just browse the site.

There are lots of fun ways on how you can keep your family memories, you just need to be creative. Make a book or a video. Make a scrap paper layouts with your photos and involve your children while making them as it can be another bonding time for your family.

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