Saturday, July 9, 2011

Digi-Scrapping Your Summer Vacation Photos

Summer is over at our part of the world but many are still having their vacation just like my sister’s family even it’s already rainy seasons. We all wished we have a motorhome (with a motorhome insurance) so that we can all travel to different places with ease. Now, we all have tons of photos to get printed and scrap and sometimes it’s overwhelming to see and even start.

I can personally advice to organize your photos by putting on each folder with proper label so that it will not be hard to find when you need it to scrap or print. Next, sort out the pictures that you want to scrap/print so it’ll be easier. I know, you want all your photos printed but choose the best and the highlights of your travel.

There are so many travel kits available at different online digi scrapping stores online that you can buy or if you want to save, just use ARTSCOW’s photobook templates because you can just drag and drop your photos and have it printed right away. I know sorting photos is time consuming but once it’s done and you have it printed, it’s worth it.

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