Monday, January 14, 2013

My 25th 8x8 Photobook from Artscow

This is my 2012 PROJECT 366 (Photo-a-Day) photobook that I made last year and as usual and I had it printed at ARTSCOW.

So as not to overcrowd my photobook with tons of photos each week, I decided to make a book that contains pictures within 3 months and that means I’ll have 4 books for Proj. 366 for 2012.

Here is my 2012 Project 366 Photobook for Jan- March 2012 vol. 1


Buge said...

Ang sipag ate Jen!!!

Yannie said...

I love this! Did you got this for free in exchange of review or purchase mo to sis?

mai said...

wow, this is beautiful! i'm digi-scrapping and i'm planning on using artscow too. may i ask how soon are the books delivering, sis jen? are those delivered to your door or do you have to go to the Post Office to get the delivery? Thanks!

admin said...

Thanks Buge!

admin said...


I purchased them at the site. Actually, I'm one of the designers at and I also offer FREE templates there..

Artscow usually or always give FREE photobook , you'll only pay for the shipping..

Sign up at artscow to get free credits:


admin said...

hi MAI!

Sign up at Artscow

Usually when you order photbooks processing will take a week, then shipping will take 2 weeks. So waiting time usually is around 3 weeks or less.

You can get the package at your post office, you'll pay P35-40 to get it.. Since our postman already knows me so he is delivering it na straight na from our house. I just give a the payment and a tip hehe.


Mai said...

i see. thanks so much for the info. excited to create my first book. i'm actually already signed up but i'll check on your templates once i start creating my photobook.

admin said...


you're welcome.. buzz me lang when you need help at the site