Monday, January 14, 2013

Ordered another Photobook

It's been many months now that I have not been able to design a digital scrapbooking kit for artscow. I became too busy with my online works that I put it aside for the moment. I'm not completely giving up designing for I also enjoy doing it, it's just that my work schedule won;t permit me to create new designs.

Apart from that, my right arm is always aching every time I strain it so much using the mouse while designing. I'm actually resting it for a while. If I have not designed another kit lately, I was able to finish my 3rd volume of my Project 366 photobook for 2012.

It looks like this. 

 Last year, during the months of October till December, there are pretty much tons of personalized stuff ordered at artscow. I'm not really sure if they have cigar ashtrays that can be personalized too so we can order and give them to our friends who love smoking.

I ordered my book yesterday and I just hope that it will arrive in 1st week of February. I still have tons of photobooks to make but all I need is time to make them.

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