Saturday, January 19, 2013

Music/ Musical Theme Kit

I only have one music or musical theme inspired kit that I designed for artscow and it's the MY ROCKSTAR digi-kit. I have several templates that are free to use by the customers and I'm planning of adding more templates soon.

Actually, I only have templates for girls but my kit is suitable for boys and girls because I made 2 guitars with different colors : one pink and the other is blue. Since musical or rockstar theme are very much in demand or ïn" at parties, I might as well made another music or musical theme kit that can include drum set and I might just need to make a graphic that will look instruments that musicians are really using.

Right now, I'm pretty busy with some other online works, so I'm setting aside my designing for a while now. When my schedule will become light, I might turn to designing once again. I have too many ideas in my mind and I hope I can execute them through graphics.

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