Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Tips on How to Prepare Kids for School Time

Once summer break rolls around, most kids allow their brains to turn to mush. After all, they've been sitting in classrooms for hours. They've been studying, testing and completing long homework assignments. It's understandable for a student to binge-watch tv and sleep during the summer months. Unfortunately, when it's time to get back into the swing of school in the fall, many students struggle to ease back into the routine. It's a good idea to make sure they maintain a routine during the summer months. However, if this didn't happen, there are still ways to help your children get back on track.

Consider these four tips to help them with the school routine.
1. Push bedtime up.
If your child is enrolled in one of the best prep schools in florida, you want to make sure their mind is alert to receive the information. If your child is used to going to bed around midnight, it's time to move the time up. Work in 15-minute increments. Set 11:45 as the new bedtime for the next couple days. Continue to move it up until it's the acceptable bedtime. It'll feel more natural this way.

2. Limit the amount of television.
Television doesn't do anything positive to stimulate the brain. Cut the television time in half and encourage your child to do other activities. Take them to the library to pick out a few great books. Set aside time for reading, crafts and other mind-stimulating activities.

3. Maintain a daily schedule.
Because the classroom is so structured, it's a good idea to develop a semblance of that structure at home. Create structured times for meals, waking up, activities and more. Remember that it's still the vacation period. You don't have to be incredibly strict and rigid. However, write down a schedule and develop some new rhythms.

4. Stimulate their minds.
You can stimulate their minds in many ways. Purchase paints and allow them to paint for an hour at a time. Play beautiful music and ask them to paint as they feel inspired. Get them to help you pick out a meal for dinner and prepare it together. Work through the measurements, ingredients and more. There are tons of ways to enjoy lessons and prepare the brain for school.

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