Saturday, August 4, 2018

Christian Women Empowerment

Our society is at a very interesting crossroads right now. In the past year, we’ve seen stunning developments and an arresting change in the way women are seen in society through the shocking revelations that have come through the #Metoo movement. This movement has been a game-changer in the empowerment of women, by making a bold statement about women’s worth and women’s rights in our society. Since last September, numerous revelations of abuse have toppled men in positions of power, and the movement has emboldened even more women to come forward with their own statements about abuse. So, with all that has gone on this year, where does this leave Christian women of faith?

Women Speaking Out
One aspect of this movement is the empowerment of women as members of society who have been unduly burdened by the rules of the patriarchy. We are also finding an aspect of empowerment in Christian women who are speaking out about their roles in society as people of faith. There is a delicate balancing act in the middle of all this, as women of faith seek to remain positive and uphold the fabric of our society while also standing firm in the knowledge that women are deserving of love and respect. As Christians, women of faith must honor themselves as children of God, and in this way, command the respect of the men in our society who would seek to denigrate women by abusing them. Christian women empowerment must include an acknowledgement that many members of our society have been treated unfairly, and that this must stop.

Jesus loved all people equally, as children of God. He would not have looked away from the problem of sexual abuse, but rather upheld those who are seeking justice. Abuse of any kind is wrong, and the Christian teaching commands all of us to treat everyone in our society with respect, no matter their sex or race.

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