Monday, September 8, 2008

: Wannabe Photographer :

That’s what I am dreaming to become maybe in the near future, who knows. As a newbie every time I see a good photo with great composition and nice lighting that always inspire me and of course I always wish that I can take photos like that. There are practically thousands of flickr accounts where we can browse beautiful photographs taken by novice to pro photographers. Whenever I have extra time I try to browse some of them to serve as my inspiration. I also love to see people carrying cameras over their heads and often got envy those that have long L lenses that they often show off. Don’t you know that there are many people who are earning lots by being a photographer and I know they put a lot of effort, time in their jobs? Oh well not everyone aspires to become a photographer that is why some are in search of Atlanta jobs over the net. What about you, are you a photographer wannabe?

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