Tuesday, September 9, 2008

: FREE Photoshop Actions :

Love love photoshop actions and why not? They are only for FREE.

1. VINTAGE Action by Vindauga
~before SOOC~
I was searching for more Photoshop actions and I am glad i stumbled upon this very nice Vintage Photoshop Action which gave nice result. The sample that was on his site was also nice. Here I have tested it myself and I am satisfied with the result. To make it more vintage and dramatic I decided to put a WORN PHOTO OVERLAY 2 by Danielle, that I bought at Catscrap.

2. Lomo, Polaroid Effect, Night Vision, Pixel Borders By Addicted to Design
3. Tons of free photoshop actions by ACTION CENTRAL.

4. Also tons of actions at PanosFX
5. Pioneer Woman actions

She also has FREE set of actions from PW set 1 and 2 just in case you haven't downloaded it yet. I have yet to try it myself.

6. MulletGod's Photoshop Actions.. gosh this is very nice you have to check this out peeps! My favorite action here is the Vintage Gold and this Vintage White

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

7. Coffee Shop Actions - tons of nice actions here
8. Christabelle's Actions

9. The Ultimate Collection of Photoshop Actions -
if you have seen these yet, better be, large collections

10. High Definition Sharpening Action
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


Unknown said...

This is cool Jen. Thanks for sharing. I might get if since its free.

Dropping my EC here too.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing these jen! nice!

Anonymous said...

huge thanks! i love the x process and the vintage gold nga din based on the examples. can't wait to play with these, hehe! thank u talaga.

caryl said...

thanks Ate Jen!!!

Zeee said...

Thanks for the links Jen! :)

jennyL said...

You are all welcome!!