Monday, June 16, 2008

: It's time for you to get your domain :

Ahhh I just love having domain names. I actually have 3 domain names: my A SLICE OF LIFE (my main blog), THIS AND THAT (my shopping blog) and this blog JENNY SAID SO. All of them are hosted by Blogger but my domain is hosted by my ever good domain server 1AND1.COM. They have been hosting my blogs for a year now and so far I have no problems with them. I have never encountered that they have been down. I even recommended this 1and1 hosting to my sister JOYD and my bestfriend RACE and other friends ZANNE and LIZ and I am confident that they have no problems as well.

You can buy domain names at 1and1 for only $6.99 a year and that is really cheap! And just in case you don't know how to redirect your blogger blog to your new domain I also have a TUTORIAL that i wrote and i think many have helped it already.

Just follow my instructions bec. it is tested already and in no time you'll have your own domain now!


mckhoii said...

Hey friend! I tagged you. It's a very easy tag. Check out fagtag #13 @ Hope you'll retag soon! don't forget to link back! go blogs bloom!

Unknown said...

This is just soooo in time ats since I am getting another domain. :D I am revisiting your short tut again. Yay! Thanks again!!

Lou said...

This is way cheaper than my host, just paid $21/yr last week...I have 2 domains and I have the same host...

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Unknown said...

Way, way cheaper indeed! I am so grateful to Ate Jen for sharing. :)

And I got a little something for you ats: