Thursday, June 12, 2008

: In the Blink of an Eye :

Oh my goodness, I can't help but wonder how those opps were gone in just the blink of an eye. When I saw it in triple p I have about 8 opps that are actually reserved at the moment (gray color) and one by one as I refresh tha page hoping to get just even one, they are disappearing one by one and slowly without a hitch.. lol Oh my goodness, gone were the days where I am the one who is so tired in writing reviews for an advertiser. I believe that opps becomes scarce bec. of the heavy influx of new bloggers. This has given us short chances now to get new tasks.

I am just thankful that I have experienced getting a lot of opps each day last year when I started. Right now I am just so lucky to have even one job a day. Oh well that is really life...

1 comment:

Lou said...

Mabilis pa sa kidlat, I'm also happy if I get one a day...just started in Feb.


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