Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Moving: What to Keep, Store or Toss

Before packing everything you own and moving it to your new place, take a good hard look at what you’ve accumulated. While you’ll likely keep much of your stuff, this may the perfect time to part with what you no longer need.

Keep It

Your first instinct may be to hang on to everything you own because you might need it someday. However, when you begin to realize that everything you hold fast to will need to be packed, transported, then unpacked you might become a little pickier about what you keep. When it comes to clothing, consider if it is still fashionable and something you wear frequently. For furniture and decorator items, think about how these pieces will fit into your new home.

Store It

If you have pieces of furniture that just won’t work in your new space, consider storing anything that is in good shape. That way you won’t end up having to purchase new chairs or beds if you later move to a larger place. Storage can also be a good option for out-of-season clothing or keepsakes for which you may not have room. Personal units can be found for storage Petaluma or in an area near you.

Toss It

If something you own isn’t at the top of your list for keeping or storing, it’s probably time to part with it. If it’s is worn out or no longer in style, or if you haven’t even looked at it in years, it’s a great candidate for the dustbin. Before throwing anything away, take a moment to consider whether someone you know would like to have it, or if it’s in good enough condition to donate.
Relocating from one home to another is a great chance to sort through your belongings. Make packing easier by evaluating what to keep, store and toss ahead of your move.

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