Thursday, May 28, 2020

Keep Your Hydraulic System Running With These Tips

Your hydraulic system works hard for your facility day in and day out, often with minimal downtime. For this reason, you have to make maintenance a priority. Otherwise, your hydraulic products Ashland KY will have a hard time supporting your operations. Luckily, there are a few simple ways to keep your hydraulic system up and running.

Keep an Eye on Temperature

An infrared thermometer is your best friend when it comes to maintaining your hydraulic system. Invest in one of these devices and spend time learning how to use it. By doing so, you can quickly determine the temperature of the oil in your hydraulic system's tank.

Monitor Your Equipment

Familiarize yourself with the normal operating temperature of your machine as well as its typical range of operating pressure. If you do not take the time to monitor your hydraulic system's data, you won't know when something has gone wrong, which is a situation that can lead to costly repairs.
Most of the time, gathering information about your hydraulic system is easy because you can usually find it on the display screen. Although there will likely be a lot of other data displayed on this screen, devote most of our attention to the operating temperature of your system.

Measure the Operating Pressure

Does your hydraulic equipment have a pressure gauge or transducer? If it doesn't, install one. By installing one of these devices, you will always have instant information about your hydraulic system's operating pressure.

Determine Your System's Heat Rejection

When your system starts to overheat, you need to know if there is a problem inside of your cooling circuit or because of an increased heat load. By understanding your hydraulic system's heat rejection, you will be in a better position to determine the cause of the overheating and fix the issue as quickly as possible.

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