Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Going Green After Death

If being buried in the ground or being cremated isn't something that you're thrilled about, then consider a green burial. This is an option to consider if you live your life loving the earth, if you want to save money, or if you want to give back to the ground after you die. A green burial La Grange IL funeral homes offer is a bit different than a traditional burial in that you aren't inside a casket. There are very few environmental impacts with this practice as it's a way for your body to blend with the earth after you die.

There are non-toxic materials used in this type of burial that include biodegradable caskets if you do want the same components of a traditional funeral as well as biodegradable urns and shrouds. Operators in a cemetery often understand that more people want to save money while saving the space that is associated with a traditional burial, which is why green options are on the rise. There isn't a need for embalming because the natural decomposition techniques don't require the use of embalming fluids. Materials that are used in a green burial are not made of concrete, metals, and other materials that won't decompose. A funeral home will have a list of the materials that are biodegradable that are often used with this practice.

Although many people think that a cremation is a green option, there are resources used that can sometimes pollute the environment. Many funeral homes are now offering biodegradable pods that people can be buried in after they die. These pods are placed in the ground and will slowly deteriorate, blending with the surrounding ground. If you want a memorial service with a green burial, a casket can usually be rented for a short time so that your family members can say their goodbyes.

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