Friday, February 3, 2017

A Heart's Desire

Kids grow up so fast these days. They are a baby in a day and in a swift of time, they'll be grown ups in no time that is why parents should spend a lot of quality time with tehir children. When they are young and still dependent on their parents, they can be so cute and easy to get them to go out with you any time on many different occasion but as they mature and have their own decisions, they tend to shy away or will think about if they want to come.. ahhh..

They also develop their sense of maturity and their own decisions will become clear. They can choose what they want to wear, eat and even what they want to do in their spare time. Acquiring a hobby is also something to watch about as they can show affinity to music, sports, literature or even playing musical instruments just like what my niece is up to these days. She loves to sing and dance aside from painting. She wanted to learn a musical instrument and that happens to be a guitar, a rain song guitar that she saw online made her want to pursue learning the instrument. I know it will not be overnight but I know she can learn when she is persistent, determined and passionate on the things that she wants to achieve.

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