Thursday, December 8, 2016

How to Pick the Right Boarding Facility for your Dogs

Your pets are family members too, and making sure they have proper accommodations while you travel is ideal. Picking the right boarding facility or pet sitter is a difficult task because you only want the best for your dogs when you can't be with them. The tips below will help you find the right boarding facility to get luxury dog boarding services no matter where you live.

Visit Several Facilities
It is important to view several facilities before making a choice. View the areas where your dog will spend most of its time as well as the recreation area. The "room" where your dog will spend most of its time should be large enough for your dog to move freely without feeling claustrophobic. It is ideal that the separation between rooms is solid to prevent agitation from other dogs staying at the facility.

Compare Amenities
Every facility has different amenities including spa treatments and grooming services. If extra walks or play time are not listed, ask if those services are available. If your dog is used to a lot of hands-on attention from you, it is important that the boarding facility you select provides extra attention if requested. Your pets should feel comfortable when you are away.

Constant Supervision or Surveillance
Boarding facilities with 24-hour staff are ideal, but are hard to come by. The facility should at least have monitored surveillance available to ensure that no animals become ill or show signs of distress when humans are not present at the facility. It is important to ask how often the surveillance system is monitored live to ensure that any needs for medical attention are handled quickly to prevent a serious medical event or tragedy from occurring.

Ability to Feed Special Diets
Many dogs have special diets such as grain-free, dairy-free or urinary tract health structures that have to be followed at all times. All boarding facilities allow you to bring your own basic dog food and follow the provided instructions. Some will allow you to bring specialty items such as home cooked meals and special blends. It is important that the facility you choose will feed the diet your dog is required to have.

Closing Thoughts
Some boarding facilities are more like resorts for pets with ample recreation areas, socializing options and one-on-one playtime. These types of facilities allow your pet to keep his or her routine as normal as possible when you have to be away from them. The more comfortable your dog is at a boarding facility, the better their stay will be.

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