Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Christmas Gifts to Kids

Wow, Christmas is coming in just few more days. I only have 2 more in my shopping list and I'm done Christmas shopping for this year. Actually, I started early, I bought some gifts already in September and slowly buy more each time I go to the mall or when I see something nice online. Thank God, I will spare myself from Christmas shopping rush for I hate being in it. Have you made your shopping yet?

There are about 10 kids on my shopping list and tell you I also had a hard time finding the perfect for them. I have to check on their age and think twice before getting them gifts. You know kids can be picky at times hahaha. If you have a budget there are nice drum sets for kids at Musician Friends and I'm sure your kids or godchild will love them especially if they love music and playing musical instruments.

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