Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Home Renovations

Ahhh.. what a busy day for us here in our part of the world. Summer time and it's the perfect time to have a house renovation. Actually, there's an ongoing construction here, a second floor with 2 bedrooms is on the way since last month and hopefully it will be finished this month. There are 10 workers that we have employed and hoping that they can do their best and put a good quality work.

We are excited over the renovation especially when the finishing will be done. We'll be checking for new furniture for the kids' room and lighting as well. For sure my bro will get LED lighting because it is cost-saving as we know. I will not wonder why myLED LowBay lighting are also popular on commercial establishments.

Now, I can't wait to see the bedroom of the kids and for sure they will be excited as well to have their own room now. As early as last week, the lil' princess is asking for a new bedding with her fave cartoon character.

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