Thursday, July 24, 2014

Feeling so Creative

Lately, I have been so inspired to make a lot of digital paper backgrounds, digital kits, cliparts and more. Since blogging has come to a low phase, I found myself creating a lot of stuff already. In fact, I have opened my ETSY STORE- JennyLDesignsShop just last June 4 and I'm very happy that I have some sales already. It's making more inspired to make some stuff and I know in the future I will  get my own followers and constant customers as long as I make good quality papers.

I have been designing using 300dpi setting on all of my papers and cliparts so that it will be crisp clear when printed at the shops and even at home using deskstop printers. Every day, I see to it that I can make at least 1 paper set so that I can have more products in my store. I know the sale will pick up before Christmas because a  lot of people will be making some crafty stuff for sale or as gifts for their loved ones.

Speaking of being creative, while I am enjoying my time working on my digital stuff, my brother on the other hand is getting handyman. He has fixed our old cabinets that has worn out over time. I heard that he plans on making new cabinets so he needs some supplies like new wood and 1/2 inch overlay cabinet hinges and other stuff. I'm just hoping that he will finish his projects asap.

Looking forward seeing you at my etsy store where you can find papers, cliparts and more.

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