Friday, November 8, 2013

Arranging your Christmas schedule early

Christmas can be a tough time for businesses even though it is supposed to be a time of happiness and togetherness. It is a period where families get together and forget about everyday life and bask in the light of each other’s company. However, for business Christmas often means a skeleton staff, no clients and a credit-sucking time waiting for the New Year to kick start your finances again. To avoid any issues it is important to plan the following things in advance:

Organise your festive opening hours
 Staff become unpredictable to handle during Christmas as many will make short to long journeys home to their families, which could be anywhere across the globe. Moreover, many employees will have days off piling up that need to be used and will try and take off at the same time leading to there being no one in the office. At this point it’s imperative to see how the land lies and if you have no staff it may be worth shutting down over Christmas, just for a week. If you want to do this though you must communicate to clients what it will be happening, so it is not a surprise and does not prejudice your relationship.

Wind business down and plan for New Year
 Remember it is not just your business that will be rushing around trying to get things arranged before the festive season comes around. This means clients will be piling work upon your organisation to ensure they are prepared for the New Year. Therefore, it is important to make sure your employees work hard in the months leading up to Christmas to get work off the books and move whatever they can until the New Year, so you aren’t left with a bottleneck over festivities.

Sorting your festive greetings early on
Traditionally, arranging the festive mail out to thousands of current and prospective clients can take up a lot of time. There’s the sourcing of the cards, arranging the mail list and then handling the sheer logistics of sending them all out. However, the existence of corporate holiday ecards has transformed this task to simply a click of a few buttons. Just log on choose a design, personalise it and then arrange your mailing list. Then once everything is ready click send and your festive greetings will be delivered within seconds. This allows you to either get the festive corporate greetings out the way early or leave them right until the last minute.

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