Sunday, September 22, 2013

There's a Time for Everything

Our life can be so busy and hectic most of the times. We all have different works and duties in life that we need to do from day-to-day. Our work can include working in an office with an 8-5 working hours while others work on a night or graveyard shift that most of us would normally not want to have. Others work at home, work-at-home moms/dads and other individuals usually work at the comfort of their home. While many housewives stay at home to take care of the family which is actually a more difficult job in the world since there’s no day-off for being a housewife or a mom for many.

With all the stress and problems that we may be facing at home or at work, nothing beats a time for a relaxation during weekends with your family or friends. Everyone also needs a time alone, a “me” time like they say for all work and no rest, you’ll be one boring and dull person. Shopping, taking a hobby (like digi-scrapping or photography) or simply doing whatever you like are just some forms of relaxation or ways to give ourselves some time off away from busy office or house works for many of us

Aside from all of those activities, we should not forget the spiritual side of our life. Everyone needs to communicate to our creator above no matter what you call Him and no matter what is your religion. Whatever your beliefs are, we should have time to pray, thanking Him for all the blessings that you are receiving no matter how small it may be and pray for what you are wishing or desiring in life.

Every religion or sect have a church or chapel that will serve as their place of worships. Catholics, Mormons, Born again Christians, and more have their own churches. The kingston church  is a sacred place of worship, bible study, and other religious activities for their members. Nothing beats being a member of a community where you share the same religious beliefs and purpose in life.

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