Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Oil on Canvas Paintings by my Bro

My 2 bothers are both visual artists and have been using oil paint, pencil, even coffee to paint their art on canvas or paper. They are only self-taught and I guess it runs in our blood since my dad can also paint in his younger years but have not pursued it farther unlike my 2 older brothers.

My other bother is also a wood sculpturist and has won 2 national awards already while the other one won several painting and photography competitions as well.  We're all proud of them and we always support them whenever there are competitions.

I can be their worst critic for I really tell them if the colors or the image is not quite right and I guess they hid my criticisms and suggestions for they know I will not just say it's good.

My oldest brother love vintage items and it always reflects on his works. He loves painting still artworks and nature but can do some people as well.

"Libangan ni Manang" (Oil on Canvas) 3 feet x 4.5 feet

"Never Surrender" (Oil on Canvas) 3 feet x 4.5 feet

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