Sunday, September 1, 2013

Most Common Dreams and what They Mean

Starting with the Babylonian people, successive generations of astrologists turned astrology into a real science, based on observation and research. The experience gathered in time has made astrology become even more precise, combining interpretation with knowledge from other sciences, such as mathematics and physics.

Today, there are people who won’t even leave the house without first checking their daily horoscope, thinking that from the moment they were born, they were assigned a destiny which is written in the stars. Others believe that the zodiac influences the personality of people so much, that you can actually know a person just by leaning about their date of birth. TenMania tells us that there are people who buy gifts for their loved ones according to the zodiac sign in this list of top gift ideas for women. According to the article, others won’t even allow themselves to deal with people that are not compatible with their zodiac sign.

Another area related to astrology is the interpretation of dreams. We always why we dreamt certain things, but with today’s dream dictionaries we can learn the hidden significances. Here are some of the most common dreams and what they mean.

Falling into an abyss

This is a very common dream. Many of us dream that we’re falling into an abyss and before reaching the ground we wake up and see that we are actually safe in bed. The hidden symbolism of this dream shows that in real life we fear not to lose control over emotions or not to be abandoned by a loved one.

Losing a tooth
Just as stated in the previous dream, this one is about your psychological state. If you have a dream like this, it means you feel powerless in certain chapters of your life and you're afraid you will lose control. Loss of a tooth in a dream may symbolize fear of being completely honest with others, fear of telling the truth or low or low self-esteem.

Being followed by someone

If you're being pursued by another person, this can be interpreted as follows: in real life you’re trying to get rid of some problems, some things that affect your psychologically and emotionally. It can also mean running away from opportunities.

It is believed that the symbolism behind this type of dream is actually the need and desire to express your creativity, to come out of the box, break the rules and let others know who you really are.


This means you will enjoy tranquility and prosperity. Children playing symbolizes the beginning of a love story. If you dream of a sick child, you are worried and disappointed in real life.

A bride
When you see a bride in a dream, it means a union or partnership. It can sometimes represent purity, innocence and femininity. Or sharp intuition, creativity and good understanding of people and situations.


If water is running normally, the dream has positive meanings. If it overflows and floods the surroundings, it can mean danger. Clear water symbolizes happiness and troubled one means unfortunate turn of life

You feel that your success is in the palm of your hand. Money symbolizes personal success and self value. If you lose money in the dream, that means unhappiness and obstacles and also vulnerability, weakness and loss of control. Spending money symbolizes emotional generosity and indicates need for affection, longing and love. When you dream about other people who give money around, it means that you feel ignored and neglected. If you dream about needing money, it means fear and lack of skills needed to achieve your goals. If you steal money in a dream, it means that you are afraid of the dangers that threaten your safety.

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