Friday, September 13, 2013

History of Blogging and More

I didn't know about blogging until a friend introduced me to it in 2005. I had my 1st personal website in 2004 and it is where I met a female friend who also has a website where she share photos and other stuff. Later on, she made a blog in where she posted her daily mumblings, family photos and digital graphic creations. I was in awe at that time and told her I want to make my own blog and she graciously thought me how. So in 2005, I posted my very first blog entry.

It's also good to know that blogging already started in the late 90's and many people are using it on various purposes. Some bloggers wanted to share their life, expertise on a certain field, advertise their products, show off their creativity, express their anger, thoughts while many blog blog to earn money and so on.

Here are some information about The History of Blogging that you need to know.

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Just in case you are reading this, you might want to try blogging as this can be a good therapy for some because they can express and put into words what they have in mind. You can even read some Blogging Tips for Beginners from the experts and for sure this will help you out.

No matter what is your purpose for blogging, just enjoy and write something you love for it can become a hobby and even a sideline for you.

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