Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Bloggers Blogging about Brands

There's no doubt that there are millions of bloggers right now at the blogosphere. Each blogger has its own reason why they create a blog and publish posts. Some blog for the purpose of sharing their slice of life, express their creativity, ramblings and thoughts. Others blog to express  their grievances on certain social issues, some blog just for the fun of it while others blog to bully someone which is totally wrong anyway.

These days, there are a lot of bloggers who write about a certain review on a product or services and I'm no exception to that. Many bloggers receive products from companies for free and in return the will express their 100% opinion about a certain product and they will blog about it.

As what BlogSkinny states in the infographic below there are about 71% of bloggers who write about brands that they deemed reputable and they trust. I think that bloggers should always write what they feel about the product and just post honest opinion.

A lot of companies today seek the help of bloggers for their honest opinion about their product so they can reach out to a larger market. Meanwhile other consumers who are researching for product reviews online will have a good idea if they found product reviews.

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