Thursday, August 15, 2013

Selecting Photo Frames for a Room

Photo frames commonly ornament the walls and shelves of a home and contribute to a room’s aesthetic appeal. Frames found at and other retailers are attractive and add a polished look to a photograph. The frame should not only complement the picture but also blend in with the existing décor of a room. If the picture frame does not match the room’s style and design, it will detract from the appearance and stick out like a sore thumb. While there is a lot of leeway involved with which photo frames you add to a room, you should follow these tips for the best look possible.

There are 3 main ways to classify photo frames. There’s modern, transitional, and traditional.

Modern frames have a very thin border and are made of ultra-plain wood or metal. Transitional frames are known for their medium-sized borders and little or no embellishment.

Traditional photo frames are typically wooden and feature ornamentations. If you know which kind of frame you have, you can use this information to come up with a way to decorate your room. One tip is to match ornate traditional frames made from gold with Victorian and English country as well as eclectic rooms.

A plain transitional frame made of wood can go in nearly any room of any style. You can stain, paint, or stripe this frame to add more decorative elements. If you are working with modern-style room, feel free to forego the frames and simply hang up a large canvas. As for eclectic rooms, you can use any style frame as long as it matches at least one other piece in the space. To unite photo frames that don’t exactly match, rely on similar matting to go within the frames.

One other concern is the color of the frame. Naturally, the frames should correspond with the color scheme of the room. If your room is neutral toned, you should be safe with a plain wood frame. Likewise, a neon frame will match funky-colored walls. Maybe your room has a color scheme of coral, turquoise, and cream. If that’s so, find frames from or another store that match this scheme.

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