Saturday, August 24, 2013

Drawers to Keep you Kids Arts and Crafts


It's always fun to keep all the arts and crafts of your kids for memory keeping. However, there are times their drawing end up just lying anywhere in the house. For this, you need to have a place where you can put all of them.

 Plastic Boxes- you can buy big clear plastic boxes on home and you can place all your kids craft and drawing. It's always best to put a label outside the box with your child's name for easier identification.

Drawers- Check out Ikea for they have nice drawer like the one above to neatly keep your child's drawing.  Just in case you have no budget to buy a new ikea drawer, why not make it your own or transform your old cabinet into a new one. Paint the cabinet with a color of your choice, you can replace the old slides for heavy duty drawer slides are the best and durable.

Tip: Always put a date and age of your kids at the back of each art work so you'll know when and how old they have made it as it is more fun to reminisce all the things that they have done.

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