Thursday, August 1, 2013

Desktop Publishing and Printing Business

I used to do desktop publishing in my store making business cards, flyers, invitations etc. but since I became too busy with some other things, that business slowly went down the hill. I guess my lack of attention and the heavy competitions had my business suffered, apart from the growing numbers of people having their own computers at home. Anyway, I have to say that I enjoyed the time when I was still doing it even though it was just a small neighborhood business.

Right now, I have seen the numbers of publishing and printing businesses in our place has grown in the past years and I learned that a distant cousin of mine is venturing into paper printing business of her own, those that make receipts, vouchers and more. That requires big machines and workers not to mention the capital itself. I think it was on her parents where she can get working capital that she can use to establish her business.

With the business background and the passion for work that she has ,there's no doubt that she will succeed in the printing industry.

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