Friday, March 1, 2013

Learning the First Chords

The son of my cousin is showing interest on playing the guitar. At 11 years old he wanted to learn it and dream of playing at their church someday. It was a nice thought and dream of this young lad and I know that he can fulfill his dream if he has passion and dedication for it. They already have a guitar at home to practice on and to get started he asked his uncle to teach him play the guitar once the summer vacation starts by April. Actually he is already learning the first few chords all by himself as what my cousin has been telling me.

Cheeky as he is, he even browsed online for new guitars and found some baby taylor for sale
and I'm sure he'll asks his parents to buy one for him. I guess if he is dong well in school and really has high interest in learning to play the guitar, I see no reason why my cousin will not support her child.

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