Monday, March 25, 2013

5 Breathtaking Locations in Australia to Build Your Waterfront Homes

Australia has long boasted some of the most impressive beaches, shorelines, rivers and bays in the world. Their pristine beaches and crystalline waters, rich in wildlife and draped in brilliant Aussie sunshine, attract waterfront buyers from all over the globe. While they are certainly spoiled for choice when it comes to waterfront living, here are 5 breathtaking locations you might like to consider for building a stunning waterfront home.

Gold Coast, QLD

Queensland’s gold coast boasts one of the world’s hottest property markets. Drawing tourists and investors from all over the globe, a waterfront home here, whether it’s beachside or amongst the Gold Coast’s extensive network of canals and inlets, is an exclusive privilege. Gold Coast builders rarely find themselves short of new projects, with state of the art developments constantly popping up around its banks and bays. With white beaches, calm canals and incredible sunny days to enhance your daytime scenery, the Gold Coast is one of Queensland’s most beautiful choices for waterfront developments.

Sydney Harbour, NSW

The Sydney property market never seems to manage to deter investors. Sydney’s median housing prices eclipse even those of New York and London. The demand for property in Sydney Harbour consistently outweighs the available supply, and Sydney Harbour waterfront properties never escape demand for serious property investors. Sydney Harbour is one of the most iconic and exclusive waterfront areas on the planet, so it’s little surprise that demand eclipses supply here. It’s a truly stunning scene with views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Opera House and occasional dolphin and whale sightings all possible from waterfront property here.

Scarborough, WA

Perth’s coastal suburb of Scarborough is only 14km northwest of the city’s centre, boasting some of the most luxurious waterfront properties and stunning coastal views on the western coast. With a rich cultural scene, thriving nightlife and world-class dining, it’s a great all-round destination for home buyers who lead an active lifestyle both day and night. When not wining, dining and dancing the night away, Scarborough residents can take full advantage of the incredible outdoor paradise, with stunning views and breathtaking landscapes to explore.

Burnie, TAS

Burnie is the idyllic seaside community that lovers of exquisite waterfront, heavenly open skies, vast and sprawling country landscapes and a truly laid back lifestyle. For home buyers who wish to escape the sprawling suburbs and hectic city life, Burnie is the ultimate Tasmanian waterfront paradise. While the ocean views from the CBD are a little tarnished by the port, the surrounding coastline is a truly remarkable location where fresh air and outstanding ocean views create a Shangri-la for sea-change-seeking city slickers.

Chelsea, VIC

30km south-east of Melbourne lies the picturesque suburb of Chelsea. Skirted by the calm lagoon-like waters of Port Phillip Bay, it’s a sheltered oasis full of idyllic waterfront properties. With its surrounding parks and boutique shopping, and easy accessibility to the city, it’s the perfect bay-side escape for commuting couples and growing families. Chelsea doesn’t leave much to be desired when it comes to community and comfort. With its real estate demands remaining steady, it makes a sound investment for buyers, and the fact that supply is, on average, keeping up with that demand makes it an accessible market. Whatever your tastes, whatever your needs, whatever your budget, you’re bound to find the waterfront investment of your dreams at one of these outstanding seaside locations, just waiting to be transformed into your very own retreat.

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