Saturday, December 29, 2012

An Eye for Photography

I'm just in pure admiration to my eldest brother for he's really an artist in his own right. He is talented and people keep saying and it's true that our family is into arts and crafts for almost all of us know how to draw, design and creative. My bro is a visual artist and uses canvas as his medium using his favorite oil paint to draw his masterpieces. He already have joined national competitions and have won various awards. Not only in painting does he excel but also in the world of photography.

Let me boast a little bit if you may for he also got some awards on his photography works. His subject and lighting are superb and he doesn't uses any software to correct the colors of his images like many photographers are using. I can say that he has an eye for photography for he can turn a simple subject like a chair, door, fruits or maybe an auto lift into a beautiful work of art with meaning and dimension.

I just hope that he'll continue to create more paintings and photography and win on many contests for he has a passion for those.

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