Saturday, November 17, 2012

Pixoto: Online Community for Photographers

Just one of the many things that I love to do is to take pictures all the time. I found joy in capturing all the moments in every situation events. I bought my 1st Canon DSLR cam way back in 2008 and upgraded my lens kit to a 75-200mm lens.

What makes me also hook into photography is that a seemingly lifeless/boring subject or ordinary material will eventually have meaning once taken with a different angle. That’s the beauty of photography, you can see beyond the subject as you can create or picture a story in your mind when you see a certain photo. I’m certainly not a pro for I have whole lot to learn especially on my DSLR camera settings. I also do not need the latest camera to be able to capture a stunning photograph. Just like what experts say, it’s not in the camera but on the photographer. However, nothing will beat the outcome of those that have super lenses but these days, photos can be processed tremendously using various enhancing programs like Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

Sharing photos to our friends/family and even on our online community can also give happiness to any photographer. It’s even more thrilling to get positive comments and even constructive criticism.

Pixoto is an online community where any photographers can join free. It is a place where their images compete weekly in Pixoto’s ImageDuel system. I was in awe browsing all the beautiful and creative photos that they have on the site. Any member can upload a portrait stock images in their dashboard and categorize them according to content categories. Check their blog as well to know what category they ask participants to upload for their contest.

Who knows in the future, I can even compete in one of their contest. For now, I still need to hone my photography skills for it has become “rusty” already because of lack of practice.

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