Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Music on Christmas and New Year's Eve

Wow, I'm actually getting excited already for my favorite events of the year is coming very soon once again. I'm going to seat down with mom and SIL so that we can come up what dishes we'll going to prepare on those days.

Meanwhile, my brother is the one in-charge with the lights and sounds that we'll have especially on New Year's eve. We usually have a videoke machine where we can sing all night all eventhough there are times that our voices are not that good hahaha. It's going to be fun and riot for sure, as my nieces and nephews love to sing and dance. I'm not sure, if bro will install other lights just like what they did last year, I just overheard that they found a first-rate Fibracell reeds at WWBW online but not quite sure where are they going to use them for.

I'll just let them worry about that because my assignment is what to cook on those special days. Ahh I can't wait anymore.

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